Pavel Seldemirov
Born in 1988 in Volgograd. Has an engineering education. Practiced photography and semiotics of image. Studied Philosophy of Art at the Jewish Museum and Anthropology of Image at the Russian Academy of Arts. Graduated from the Rodchenko Art School, «Communications, Interactive and Novel Media Workshop 2015–2018». Lecturer and presenter of the course "Digital Media" at the online school "Concept".
Art theoretician and artist actively working with digital media
Pavel studies the line of philosophy from Stoics to Spinoza, though Deleuze to Brian Massumi's philosophy of speculative pragmatism and Levi Bryant's object-oriented philosophy. The scope of Pavel's interests include determinism and predestination in the act, ethics as a science about relations between objects, and aesthetics as an access practice, logics of sensation and affection, theories of formation. In his art practices, Pavel designs experiences and impressions. In his artistic practice, he is engaged in the construction of experience.

• 2021 «Sinister Dreams» Ars Electronica, Electromeuseum, Moscow
• 2021 «Game Junction», Hodinka, Moscow
• 2020 Seldemirov Pavel. The Becoming, Audi-Born Digital, Moscow
• 2020 Future Lab. Kinetic Art in Russia, Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Saint Petersburg
• 2019 Russian season. World Art Fest, London
• 2019 Pavel Dodonov. Album Presentation. ATMASFERA360, Moscow
• 2019 Blind Spot. Ekaterina Gallery, Moscow
• 2018 The Blues (Khandra). GRIFON Gallery, Izhevsk
• 2018 Parallels. Planetarium No. 1, Saint Petersburg
• 2018 Parallels. Concert Hall of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow
• 2018 Emergency. QuartaRiata Residency of Arts & Technology, Saint Petersburg
• 2017 Non-Fictional Sculpture. Electromuseum, Moscow
• 2017 Reporting Exhibition by Grants from ZIL Culture House, Moscow
• 2017 Synthposyum. Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
• 2017 Space Opening. ARXIV Space, Moscow
• 2017 Post-Reality Show. Center for Creative Industries FABRIKA, Moscow
• 2017 AP14. Coordination. Berthold Centre, Saint Petersburg
• 2016 The Guys Have Made 3D Works Rodchenko Art School, Moscow
• 2015 The Guys Have Made Their Works M'ARS Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
• 2015 What's Growing Down There Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow
• 2015 Made in Moscow Rodchenko's Apartment Gallery, Moscow
• 2013 The Rupture Performance at the Jewish Museum, Moscow

2011-2013 | Antropologic Analysis of Art, Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow 2013-2014 | Philosophy of Art, Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre, Moscow 2015-2019 | Interactive and Communication Media, Rodchenko Art School, Moscow

2020 | Audi Born–Digital Award | Moscow
2020 | IJUNIOR
2021 | Rosbank Future

2017 | Zil , Moscow
2021 | House of Artists of Peredelkino, Moscow

Permanent Exhibitions:
2019 | Laser Grass, Red Arrow Residential Quarters, Moscow