Pavel Seldemirov
You enter a dark room and see a red beam in front of you. A kind of a dopamine trigger that you want to press so much (like a red button). A second's push, and the installation activates, locking you in the middle of a glass cage room comprised by eighty-four laser beams. You move and touch the light strings. The movement produces sound, and the sound makes you move. Such a differentiation of the external influence and inner intention meets us every day. You wake up, and the day sends you some challenges, messages, and you respond to them. They structure your rhythms, and your rhythms structure them. Or culture does. We created culture or humans are a product of culture. The bond is obvious, and there is no proportion to it. They are individual, and the installation allows to feel them, understand what these bonds and interactions are for us.
Outside the installation, there is a panel. The panel receives the audiostream produced by a person traveling across the sound landscape inside the sensor room. The panel can be used to influence all sound created by the person. This is a kind of a metaphor of global events, hyperobjects, and circumstances, such as global warming, roadworks, introduction of a new law, or any other event capable of coloring the landscape of our lives. At core, this installation is a very literal one. It is an ecosystem of a few actors and differentiations between them. A person who creates an environment by moving, an environment that creates the person's movements, and ambient influence that affects the environment impacting the person. A dialog occurs at the level of the most native interface — the body and the interactions between the parts of the system.
The next possibility hides in the sound landscape. In terms of technology, it is realized through samples distributed by sensors. This enables everyone to create their own landscapes, a story of their life, day, or event. To feel like a demiurge for a moment. I would very much like people to share their thoughts and emotions with each other by creating sound palettes for the sensor room. To allow others in their worlds. Wherever the installation is exhibited, it will go with all landscapes created by previous demiurges.
85 lasers, 85 sensors, a server, DIY sensor controler, polycarbonate, steel, server, loudspeakers, midi controller.