Pavel Seldemirov
"IfRO&D" (Interface for Research of Opportunity and Determination) is an interactive installation functioning as a kind of "inducer of affective experience". Entering a dark space, the viewer finds themselves in front of a red beam - a "dopamine trigger", as enticing as a red button. Activating the installation locks the participant in the center of a glass room-cage woven from 84 laser beams. As they start moving, they touch the light strings, generating sound, which in turn affects their further movements. Thus, a feedback loop is established, in which the person and the sound environment mutually determine each other.

Through this dynamics of feedback, "IfRO&D" manifests the fundamental relationality of human existence. Just as the rhythms of everyday life structure our actions, and our actions maintain or transform these rhythms, the participant's dance and the dynamics of the audial landscape are in a state of continuous inter-modulation. The installation becomes a testing ground for exploring this complex network of connections, allowing everyone to sense the unique configuration of forces and influences, to map their own chart of relationships.
An important dimension of the work is the social aspect. The audio stream generated by the participant's movements inside the sensory room is fed to an external console, from where it can be modified by other viewers. This possibility of external influence refers to hyperobjects - phenomena of a planetary scale like global warming or a pandemic, whose total presence colors the entire landscape of our lives.

At the technical level, the soundscape is implemented through samples tied to motion sensors. But this technological basis opens up the possibility of wide participation. Anyone can create their own sound palette, tell the story of their life, share an experience - and thereby not only live the experience of a demiurge but also let others into the intimate space of their world. The installation becomes a point of assembly for many worlds, resonating with and enriching each other.

Ultimately, "IfRO&D" unfolds as an ecosystem of interacting actors and forces - the human generating a soundscape by means of their body; the environment guiding the human's movements; external influences modulating this environment. It is an embodied metaphor for human existence - in its constant oscillation between autonomy and heteronomy, freedom and conditionality.

Immersed in the interactive environment, the viewer doesn't just read these ideas but lives them, incorporates them into their bodily and affective experience. Through a series of micro-shifts in habitual patterns of orientation, the installation induces an experience that resonates with key philosophical intuitions - the idea of necessary effort, the understanding of the ethical as an immanent plane of composition of forces.
In this sense, "IfRO&D" becomes a machine for transforming perception and self-perception. It opens up the possibility of a new - more plastic, responsive, contingent - way of co-existing with the world and others. And thereby it endows the viewer with agency in constructing their own life despite any external determinations.

Ultimately, through the production of affective experience, the installation doesn't just represent certain conceptual models but actively intervenes in the processes of constituting subjectivity. It becomes a catalyst for micro-political shifts, a machine of ontological transformation that changes the very parameters of our being-in-the-world.
85 lasers, 85 sensors, server, DIY sensor controller, polycarbonate, steel, server, speakers, midi controller.